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Lithium Salt Flats, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Sunday, October 12, 2014

christine corday; protoist series; elemental metal; helden; heldan
Christine Corday. HELDAN. Elemental Metal. Photo ©2017 Corday

the work. at the pace of evolution.
a 600 million year sensory architecture in contact with the next
13.8 billion
like hadaen earth some 4 billion years ago with a surface reprocessed by the impacts creating, burying and mixing of material by material, generating great melt.
so continues the iron, carbon, maganese, silicon, copper and trace elements of these Forms to exist for a time in our hands as the buildings we put up and take down, culture sustains what lasts as our shared terrestrial Form.
the work is the relic as well as fragment futures of mankind's best thinking not the laws of nature itself.

the work. the tool of the object.

the work. time is not a concern in the linear or current experiential sense with interests in past as backward, future as forward etc but rather time as concerned with a duration or position of perception, a particular focus of state/states of a material, of an element. 

christine corday; protoist series; heldan; elemental metal
Christine Corday. HELDAN. Elemental Metal. Photo ©2017 Corday

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